Tuition and Fees

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you very much for trusting us to educate your children at Our Lady of the Assumption School, a parish ministry to our families and children. We welcome you all and hope that we will be of great help to you. I look forward to growing in faith and friendship with each of you.  I will continue to listen to you and the school staff so that we may be continuously reviewing our policies to keep them relevant.

God Bless you.

Fr. Eduino T. Silveira, Pastor


These FINANCIAL GUIDELINES describe the financial responsibility parents agree to when they enroll a child in Our Lady of the Assumption School. Adopted by the school’s Catholic School Advisory Commission, they clarify what is expected of parents so that Our Lady of the Assumption School maintains a strong financial base. While the school has a mission of service to our parents and their children, it also must be able to meet its financial obligations in a timely and responsible manner.

General Policy

  • Every family must assume financial responsibility for their child/children’s education.
  • Tuition for the current school year is based upon the actual cost to educate a student during the prior school year. The Catholic School Advisory Commission takes this information and recommends to the Pastor and Principal the rate of tuition for the upcoming school year. Tuition is established for the concurrently enrolled first, second, and third child. A fourth child concurrently enrolled pays no tuition. Current rates are posted on the school website
  • Standard tuition rates apply to all families. However, since the parish at large supports the school financially, families meeting the parish requirements may receive the discounted tuition rate.
  • Continued enrollment is dependent upon the timely payment of all fees and tuition and the support of fundraising efforts.


$300 per child. This fee must be paid at the time of registration. It is not refundable. Registration Fee is applied to:

Registration Fee is applied to:
  • Diocesan Assessment
  • Student Insurance
  • Books and/or Supplies
  • Emergency voice/e-mail system
  • Student Testing
  • Technology
  • Periodicals


A discounted rate of tuition is available for families who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must be a registered Catholic member of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish.
  • Must attend weekend Mass regularly and be active in parish life.
  • Must contribute a minimum of $500 annually (approximately $10 week) to OLA Parish using Parish Pay or the parish envelopes on a monthly or weekly basis.

This status will be assessed regularly by the parish staff. Failure to meet these criteria will result in the assignment of the standard rate of tuition. Preschool students pay the same rate of tuition, but once a child is enrolled in Kindergarten, parishioner status will be assessed.

Kindergarten – Eighth Tuition

 Discounted RateStandard Rate
First Child$5,200$6,550
Second Child$4,150$6,150
Third Child$3,650$5,675
Fourth ChildFreeFree

Families not meeting these criteria will pay the standard rate of tuition.

Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten Tuition

Statement of Purpose

"To provide a quality preschool education in a nurturing environment where children can develop and grow academically, physically and spiritually."

General Information

Hours of OperationMon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Program HoursPrek 8:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m
TK 8:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Extended Hours12:00 p.m.– 3:00 p.m.
Meals Provideda.m. & p.m. Snack (No Lunch)
Ages Accepted3 years old – 6 years old


Transitional K (4s & 5s)5 Day Program $476/Mo
Preschool (4s)3 Day Program $377/Mo
Preschool (3s)2 Day Program $245/Mo
TK Registration Fee$300 1st Child / $200 2nd Child
PreK Registration Fee$275 1st Child / $175 2nd Child

Other Fees

Auction Project Fee: $10 / Family
All programs offer a 5% Discount on tuition for multiple children.

Non-Discrimination Policy: The schools in the Diocese of Sacramento, mindful of their primary mission to be witnesses to the love of Christ for all, admits students of any race, color, and national and/or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and the activities generally accorded to made available to students at our schools. The Diocese of Sacramento does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and/or ethnic origin, age, gender, or disability in the administration of education policies, scholarships and loan programs, and athletic, and other school-administered programs.


  • The school offers three tuition payment options: Annual, Semi-Annual and Monthly Payments.
  • The annual tuition payment is due on August 20th.
  • The semi-annual tuition payment due dates are August 20th and January 20th.
  • Annual and semi-annual tuition payers are strongly encouraged (but not required) to pay their tuition via our automated tuition company called FACTS Management. However, families that use the Preschool Extended Care and/or the Extension Program will be required to enroll in FACTS Management to pay for these after school care services. Please see the Extension Program and the Preschool tab for more details.
  • Families choosing the monthly payments option are required to pay all their tuition through our automated tuition company called FACTS Management. Tuition is payable on a 10-month basis, starting with the 1st payment due on July 20th through April 20th.
  • FACTS will assess a $30 fee for any rejected payments.
  • Late annual or semi-annual payments will incur a $25 late free from the school.

Tuition Delinquency

  • It is the family’s responsibility to contact the school to make payment arrangements for all delinquent tuition and/or late fees.
  • Tuition delinquent one month requires a meeting with the bookkeeper.
  • Tuition delinquent two months requires a meeting with the principal.
  • Tuition delinquent beyond two months without payment arrangements will result in removal from the school.
  • If tuition is delinquent in a split household family, both parties will be notified once the delinquency reaches two months.
  • All tuition payments of graduating families must be paid by the end of April for the graduate to receive a diploma and a report card and to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • Any monies owed after June 20th, without prior payment arrangements, will be submitted to the collection agency and additional late fees will be assessed.

Tuition Aid

In supporting the mission of our school and ensuring the affordability of a quality Catholic education, Our Lady of the Assumption Parish offers tuition assistance to qualified families. Those interested in assistance must complete an online application at

Requirements are as follows:

  • Complete the online Tuition Aid Application at
  • You must be a registered parishioner to be eligible to receive tuition assistance.
  • Aid applies only to tuition and does not apply to fees.
  • Families who receive tuition assistance are required to pay tuition on time. If a family is delinquent, they will become responsible for the full amount


  • The registration fee must accompany the registration form when submitted. Registration forms and fees received past the submission deadline will incur a $100.00 late fee per child.
  • The Miscellaneous Expense Worksheet form and fee must be submitted and paid before the end of the current school year. Forms and fees received after the submission date is subject to the $25 late fee.
  • The Parochial Athletic League (PAL) fee must be paid for participation on a team sport.
  • Other fees, such as field trip fees and graduation fees, are assessed to students participating in those activities.
  • All of the above fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • All returned checks will incur a $25 returned check fee.

Extension and KinderRich Program

  • An Extension registration fee is collected in order to use the before and after school care program and is to be paid via check.
  • The Extension Program’s hourly and daily fee charges are assessed based on the previous month’s usage for each student using the program. These charges will be billed as incidentals via FACTS Management and payment for the services rendered must be paid via FACTS. Therefore enrollment in FACTS Management is required to use the Extension Program.
  • Families who pay their tuition annually or semi-annually using Extension and Preschool Extended Care must enroll in FACTS. A FACTS Management fee will apply for this incidental billing and payment option.
  • A one-time KinderRich registration fee paid by check is required for Kindergarten students participating in the program. There are no additional charges for KinderRich.

Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten

  • Tuition is charged monthly based upon the program enrolled from 8:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m (PreK) and 8:15-12:00 (TK). Tuition is separate from the Extended Care fees.
  • Extended Care Fees are charged monthly and are based upon a daily rate of use. Extended Care services run from 12:00. to 3:00 p.m. These charges will be billed as incidentals via FACTS Management and payment for the services rendered must be paid via FACTS. Therefore enrollment in FACTS is required to use the Preschool’s Extended Care Program. Families who pay their tuition annually or semi-annually using the Preschool Extended Care must enroll in FACTS. A FACTS Management fee will apply for this incidental billing and payment option.
  • Non-Refundable Fees: The registration fee must accompany the registration form when submitted. Registration forms and fees received past the submission deadline will incur a $100.00 late fee per child.
  • Discounts: Families registering multiple children may qualify for the multiple child discount if the financially responsible party has legal guardianship of all the children being registered. When more than one child is registered at Our Lady of the Assumption School, there will be a 5% discount toward the youngest student’s preschool tuition. A third child enrolled in the preschool is also eligible for a 5% discount. A 4th child of a family concurrently enrolled in preschool pays no tuition. These discounts do not apply to extended care fees or the Parents-In-Participation Program.
  • Returned Check Fee is $25 per check. If there are two returned checks in one year, personal checks will no longer be accepted.
  • Absences: Absences and vacations do not relieve us of financial responsibilities. State law requires student/teacher ratios be based on enrollment. Teachers must be here and paid whether or not children are present. Therefore, deductions cannot be made for absences, illness or for school closures, including state and school holidays (e.g., Christmas break, tuition for December will be the standard monthly rate).
  • Withdrawal: A 30-day written notice is required for withdrawal from the program. There will be no refund for tuitions paid.
  • Preschool Family Service Program: The preschool family service program is modeled after the OLA School Family School Program. The requirements for preschool families are published in the preschool handbook.

Fundraising Programs

  • Fundraising programs form an integral part of the school budget and are designed to manage tuition rates. Every family is expected to support these programs with their time, talent, and/or financial contributions.
  • Major fundraising efforts include the annual Auction and Raffle, Scrip, the Cougar Classic Golf Tournament and the Country Fair. Every family is expected to participate in these fundraisers.
  • Each year families are encouraged to make a tax-deductible gift to our school through the Annual Giving Program.

Endowment Fund

  • Our Lady of the Assumption Parish has established an Endowment Fund as an additional source of income for our school. Monies in the fund are invested by the Christian Brothers Investment Services in order to receive the highest rate of interest. Interest from this fund is part of our projected budget each year. Since interest from the Endowment Fund is a source of income to keep the tuition rates as low as possible, school families will be expected to support annual efforts to increase the principal of this fund.


  • $25 Late Payment (Tuition & Miscellaneous Fees)
  • $25 Returned Check
  • $30 Rejected FACTS Payments
  • $100 Late Registration


All families are required to contribute service hours and support our major fundraising efforts as described in this information packet. All families must sign the "Contract for Our Children" and return it. The additional tuition is $1,000 per year for non-participating families. Diocesan regulations mandate that this amount cannot be prorated for partial hours completed; therefore, all hours must be performed and reported to avoid paying the non-participation fee.


The entry level for Our Lady of the Assumption School is preschool. Students enrolled in preschool are given priority for enrollment in kindergarten and subsequent grades. Students who are not enrolled in preschool cannot be assured of a place in kindergarten.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Consistent with its Catholic mission, Our Lady of the Assumption School admits students of any race, color, nationality, religion, ethnic origin or disability, and does not discriminate in its programs or activities. In the event Our Lady of the Assumption School cannot address an accommodation for students with special academic or physical needs, school personnel will assist the family in finding an appropriate learning environment to address those needs.

You may find additional information on the Financial Guidelines section of the Parent/Student Handbook which can be found under the STUDENTS tab. Please contact the school bookkeeper for the most current financial information.

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