Electives Course Descriptions, Academic Opportunities, and Extracurricular Activities


    Mrs. Koerwitz-Grades 7-8

    Members of the Academic Decathlon team who were selected last spring will meet during elective class time to prepare for the Academic Decathlon in March. This is a year-long elective, and students who were selected for the Academic Decathlon team will automatically be enrolled in this elective. Our Academic Decathlon team won Second Place in the 2016/2017 Sacramento Diocesan Academic Decathlon!


    Ms. Cibotar-grades 5-8

    Here is an opportunity for students to improve their musical abilities. By enrolling in the Advanced Music elective class, they will develop a deeper understanding of music theory, which will be applied to playing keyboard/piano. Students will learn and demonstrate performance skills by playing at our annual Christmas Program and at concerts for the student body. Participation in this class will require students to have a music keyboard.

    *An application must be submitted with your electives selection form for this elective. Please pick it up from your homeroom teacher.


    Mr. McKenna-Grades 5-8

    This class is designed for students who are interested in obtaining knowledge of their body and mind through learning the importance of overall Health and Wellness. Students will learn how to develop flexibility, strength, and core stability. The class will break down the various components of the Health triangle and describe the impact each component has on our daily activities and lives. It will mindfully develop ones attitude, self-respect, and leadership skills, as well as an awareness of making healthy life choices. These skills will be assessed through a variety of class activities. Each student's body weight training and functional abilities will be evaluated at the beginning of the year. Students will keep a record of their progress throughout the year and will be re-evaluated every month. They will need a notebook to keep track of their records and will also be used as a journal. The journal entries will cover everything from Sports, Fitness, and nutrition, with entries on specific goals for the future.


    Mr. Roderick-Grades 5-8

    Ever confused by scripture? Not sure what it means or how it relates to you? If so the Ignite scripture study and service club is for you. This elective will introduce the Word of God in a fresh and unique way that helps participants to understand what God wants us to know. The Ignite course will also give students opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through service projects and fun activities, and participation in the annual "Let the Children Come to Me11 Diocesan religion competition.* Join us as we build a community of active Catholic youth who learn about sacred scripture, help others, and have lots offun!

    *A team of 6 students will be selected for the competition from the class based on interest and knowledge.


    Ms. McCormick-Grades 5-8

    Mathletes is an elective based on creative problem solving. If you wantto accelerate your math skills in a fun and creative environment, this may be for you. You will work with group members to solve logic and number problems and work on a variety of math based projects. This is a challenging elective, but also full of fun. Students in 6-8th grade wishing to use these problem solving skills to compete in the annual MathCounts Competition will be given that opportunity, though it is not a requirement.

  • MATH LAB  -  GRADES 5, 6, 7, AND 8

    Mrs. Penney, and Mrs. McKay

    This class provides students additional support in math. Students will set goals for growth, work on problems, and work on essential math skills that will strengthen their foundation in the subject Students who would like to improve their math performance or feel they need additional support in the subject are encouraged to apply. Students will be placed in Math Lab by teacher recommendation and parent consent. In order to meet the needs of the students most in need of additional math support this class size will be limited.

    Please note that students in 5th grade taking Math Lab will take Study Skills first during the 1st Trimester. Here is the description of the Study Skills class:

    Learning how to organize is a great first step toward academic success. This class will guide students to success through organization, time management, note-taking, study methods, and tips on test taking.


    Mrs. Watanabe-Grades 5-8

    Are you interested in having a lot of fun while learning one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth? Do you want to be able to speak to the more than 10 million Spanish speakers in California? Do you want to have an advantage when you get to high school Spanish? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then OLA Spanish is for you.

    OLA Spanish will help students develop conversation skills, vocabulary, and an understanding of Spanish grammar. In addition, students will gain an appreciation for the rich traditions of the cultures of the Spanish­speaking world. Students who complete OLA Spanish will have a definite advantage in high school language classes.


    Mrs. Rutledge-Grades 5-8

    Students who are interested in photography, creating slideshows, video production, graphic art, scrapbooking, and technology will enjoy OLA's Yearbook/ Video Broadcasting class. Throughout the year, students will photograph and videotape school events and activities. Additionally, they will organize and edit the pictures on the computer before arranging the photos on pages for the Yearbook, allowing them to improve organizational skills while employing their creative talents.

    Students will also assume the duties of reporters for the school as videographers and will provide morning broadcasts. As reporters, the students will compile news stories relevant to OLA, which they will type on the computer and film on video. In assembling the final product, they will have had the opportunity to conduct interviews, embark on investigations, apply research skills, and edit articles, in addition to learning video production and broadcasting techniques.

    Each class member must be able to work independently and be committed to utilizing class time efficiently in order to meet deadlines. To be considered for this class, an application must be completed and returned with the elective form. In addition to the application, consideration will be given to students' overall conduct and effort exhibited in other classes, as well as English grades.

    *An application must be submitted with your electives selection form for this elective. Please pick it up from your homeroom teacher. Though student seniority will be considered, so will aptitude and responsibility.


    Mr. Love

    Student Speeches

Academic Opportunities and Extracurricular Activities

Specialist Teachers on Staff:
Advanced Mathematics5-8
Beginning Band5-8
Physical EducationK-8
Academic Opportunities
Accelerated Reader ProgramK-8
Writing Assessments (Narrative, Persuasive / Argumentative, Informational)K-8
Star Reading & Math Assessments (four times a year)K-8
ACT Testing3-8
Elective Programs, Grades 5th-8th:
Advanced Music/Piano
Math Lab
Mathletes: Math Competition
Yearbook and Video Broadcasting
Extracurricular Activities:
Academic Decathlon6-8
Altar Servers4-8
Cross Country5-8
Diocesan Speech Contest7-8
Flag Football7-8
Regional Spelling Bee5-8
Student Council4-8

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