Faculty & Staff

Mr. Kelley Smith

Parish Business Manager
  • Alumni
  • Alumni Parent
  • Graduated from C.S.U. Chico and have over 20 years of regional and local management experience.

While responding to one of the questions on the school’s registration form, I realized that O.L.A. has been a central “figure” in my life. From my parent’s marriage in what is now the Parish Hall to my reception of the sacraments and graduation from O.L.A. to my parent’s funerals and my wedding and that of my brother and sister, we have been part of O.L.A. my whole life. And now, the same can be said for my daughter and my niece and nephews and hopefully will continue with their children and beyond. When Father Brendan offered me a chance to give back for all that I have received from O.L.A., I jumped at the chance to work in a place that I consider my home and where I consider those with whom I work with and for family.


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