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Mr. Mike McKenna

Physical Education

I have been a member of the OLA community since 1990 first as a parishioner and then starting in 2001 as a parent of three children here at the school for 14 years. During that time, I helped coach multiple sports teams and attended many field trips and school functions gaining a greater appreciation for the OLA community.

I have a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State Sacramento. After 28 years of service I retired from the Sacramento Police Department in 2016. Later that fall, I became a substitute school teacher for the Catholic School Department working at a nearby grade school for eleven weeks while another staff member was on leave. Having enjoyed that teaching experience, I applied for the opening in the PE department here and was hired on in a substitute capacity. Midway through the spring I was offered and accepted this position as well as the Athletic Director position on a fulltime basis.

I believe that each child can grow as a whole person through physical education. My goal is that all feel respected and interact with each other in a safe and healthy environment while challenging their selves both physically and mentally. Each day is another opportunity to grow as a whole person.


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