Capital Campaign Phase I & II

Are you excited? You should be!

60 years after the dedication of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, our church and school received major renovations that beautified and modernized our worship and educational spaces as well improving their functionality for all. Please see below for a detailed listing of Phase 1 Achievements. We thank those of you who helped us prove that even a poor economy cannot prevent a strong group of forward-thinking supporters who made the impossible, possible and believed that our Catholic way of life must be preserved now and for future generations of Catholics.

But, we are far from finished.

Our Lady of the Assumption has a vibrant parish campus that supports ministries, academic and athletic endeavors. Our current needs are outpacing our ability to provide space for them to grow. But, we have a plan to provide for what is required.

Queue Phase 2.

From the beginning, our Capital Campaign was designed as a phased approach. Phase 1 addressed our current needs and infrastructure. Phase 2 directs our efforts on the completion of a Parish Hall that will allow Our Lady of the Assumption to host diocesan, parish, academic, athletic and secular events that the space available with our current hall is woefully inadequate to provide. Imagine attending one of our community-building dinners, or an adult faith formation program, or a sporting event in a venue that is designed to meet our current needs and not the needs of the generations that preceded us. In addition, it will provide for more parking, remodeling our current Parish Hall to provide for a Pre-Kindergarten and after school program as well as additional meeting and office spaces.

We can’t do it alone. We need you!

You proved that, as a faith family, we can come together to build the community of God in Carmichael. Let’s continue to build our bond with our neighbors and leave a legacy that will benefit our families now and for future generations.

Phase 1 Achievements

  • School remodel
    • Classroom remodel
      • Remove all asbestos and re-tile all floors
      • New cabinets
      • Added electrical outlets
      • New blinds and curtains
      • Add sinks in classrooms without sinks
      • Creation of a science lab
      • Upgrade flooring in computer lab
      • Clean and repair skylights
      • Add insta-hots in all classrooms
      • Replaced all “chalkboards” and bulletin boards
      • Modified storefronts to update look, hide wiring, etc.
    • New intercom system
    • Extended bell system for security alerts
    • New door knobs and ADA levers
    • Upgrade the electrical system
    • Remodel nurse’s station and install ADA-compliant bathroom
    • Install unisex, ADA bathrooms
    • Rehabilitated existing bathrooms
    • Installed ADA compliant drinking fountains
    • Remove and replace acoustical tiles in ceiling
    • Upgrade computer/technology wiring to include additional outlets, CAT-6 cabling, etc.
    • Upgrade storage closet for new computer servers
    • Upgrade cabinetry in administration building
    • New desks
    • Upgrade front office
      • New front counter
      • Replace carpet with tile
      • Upgrade storefront for looks and ADA functionality
    • Clean quarry tile on classroom exterior and breezeway
    • Replaced courtyard landscaping with faux grass
  • Church remodel
    • Clean, beautify and repair all stained glass windows
    • Install new doors, replace panic bars, install ADA door openers
    • Modify altar platform for ADA access
    • Install ADA ramps
    • Replace carpet with tile
    • Shorten 6 pews for wheelchair space
    • Upgraded sound system
    • Upgrade lighting
    • Upgrade West-side confessionals for ADA access
    • Refinished benches
    • Repaired acoustic ceiling in rear of church
    • New cabinets installed in sacristies
    • New carpeting in sacristies
    • Replaced holy water fonts
    • Clean wood façade surrounding altar
    • Remove communion rail
    • Segregate baptistery using pillars from communion rail
    • Repair ceiling
    • Paint interior
    • Create custom furniture
    • Entry tile cleaned
    • “Narthax” wall tile cleaned
    • Remove, relocate and redesign ambo
  • Parish Hall upgrades
    • Repair roof
    • Replace HVAC units
    • Install wall padding
    • Install new phone system and equipment
    • Upgrade drinking fountains for ADA compliance
    • Install new convection oven
    • New blinds
    • Repair kitchen floor
    • Relocate kitchen gas shut-off valve
  • SJH/Seton Hall upgrades
    • Repair roof
    • Upgraded men’s toilet to comply with ADA standards
    • Reconstruct kitchen sink to comply with ADA standards
    • Replace cracked ceramic floor tiles
    • Replaced wall acoustical panels
    • New carpeting in Seton
    • Create Marian garden
  • Youth Room upgrades
    • Install unisex, ADA bathroom and storage
  • Campus-wide upgrades
    • New fire alarm
    • New security alarm
    • Re-key campus with a security key system
    • Run wiring underground to link Pre-K, Food Closet, Youth Room and Extension to phone, computer/technology, and alarm systems
  • Rectory/Parish Office upgrades
    • Replaced HVAC in rectory
    • Replace patio fencing around rectory
    • Install wrought iron fencing and automatic opener near rectory parking
    • Misc. carport repairs

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