Scrip Program

The PTG Scrip Program is an ongoing fundraiser for OLA School. This fundraiser costs no extra money to participants—it’s money that every family is already spending. As a part of the PTG, each family is asked to purchase a minimum of $3,000 of Scrip during the 2016 - 2017 school year.

We are earning money for our school through the Raley’s/Bel Air Extra Credit program but would also like to encourage the use of online scrip cards. This would replace scrip cards being kept and purchased in the office. Online gift cards can be purchased and re-filled at These gift cards are purchased from business vendors at a discounted rate and sold to our families at face value. The school receives the difference (anywhere from 1% to 20%.) Families can choose from over 700 vendors to purchase Scrip cards from and have them immediately to print at home or by email.

Ordering is made convenient and easy through the use of PrestoPay. PrestoPay is the online payment system for families placing orders on ShopWithScrip. Presto pay uses the secure ACH debit process to electronically debit funds from a member’s checking or saving account. This makes ordering and reloading gift cards convenient and easy.

We would like to send an invitation to ShopWithScrip to all families. The email on file with the school will be used to send this invite to set up your ShopWithScrip account. From there, you will need to finish creating your account and set up PrestoPay to start earning money for our school!

Please send in the attached permission form so that we can help you participate in the ShopWithScrip Program. If you’d like a different email address used than the one you have on file with the school, please provide the information below. Any questions, please email Grace Harder at Permission Form

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