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Message from the Pastor

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Our Lady of the Assumption School, a Ministry of Our parish that provides a great education to our children to help them develop their whole being-mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to prepare our children for life and to make them disciples of Jesus Christ as He commanded the Church to do. As our Holy Father, Pope Francis stated, Catholic schools are much more than a place to expand intellect. It is also a place where one learns that God loves us, that each and everyone are gifted by God and every life matters. This is what the Holy Father said: School is one of the educational environments where one grows by learning how to live, how to become grown-up, mature men and women. Following what St. Ignatius teachers us, the main element in school is learning to be magnanimous. This means having a big heart, having a greatness of soul. It means having grand ideals, the desire to achieve great things in response to what God asks of us and, precisely because of this, doing everyday things. All our daily actions, commitments, and meetings with people well. [it means] doing the little everyday things with a big heart that is open to God and to others.” I truly support our School and enjoy praying with and visiting our students. Please feel free to let me know what else you would like me to contribute to our students, their families, and our teachers. May the Lord continue to guide us and Bless our school to be a loving caring community where all feel loved, accepted, and empowered to grow.

Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. Eduino T. Silveira