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Welcome to Kindergarten at OLA!

Teacher:Ms. Stefanie Fox

Instructional Aide: Mrs. Sarah Ownbey

Kindergarten is the first opportunity for children to begin to understand

that school is a place for learning,working and also having a little fun.

Religion: Religion is incorporated into class everyday.Prayers are said in the morning, before snacktime, and at the end of the day.We pray for those in need and recognize that there are those in need more than us.We collect food for St. Vincent De Paul and attend weekly Mass with the rest of the school.

Language Arts:This subject consists of a phonemic awareness program where students learn:

We start the year with a review of all letters and sounds, as the weeks progress we focus on one to two letters per week.We then begin to put a consonant, vowel, and aconsonant together to blend sounds into words.We also learn about different genres of texts including informational, realistic fiction, myths, and fairy tales.

Math: The Focus in math is on learning and writing the numbers 1-20 through a hands on approach using manipulatives.Math is also incorporated throughout the day with calendar work.We start every day with the calendar, talk about the date and count how many days we have been in school.When we reach the 100th day we have a special 100th day party!

Social Studies:Students learn about the world around them.They learn about firemen, animals, types of house, community leaders, national holidays and heroes.

Science:Science focuses on plants and animals.We also focus on the Seasons and have fun hands-on projects to help students understand different scientific concepts.

P.E., Art, Music, Computer: Children have P.E. twice a week, Art once a week, Music twice a week, and Computers once a week.

Daily Notes:Every day the students have centers which include blocks, dinosaurs, dolls, art, playdough, math games, science, handwriting practice, brain flakes, gears, legos and books.They have the opportunity to choose what they would like to do.We dance, we sing, we move! As a class we are very busy, but the most important part for me is that each and every student feels secure and cared for the minute they walk in the classroom.