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Admissions Application


Applications for the 2023-2024 School Year will begin in January 2023. Applications received beforehand, will not be eligible for acceptance.

Applications are considered incomplete until all the required documentation below has been received. Applications remain on the waiting list throughout the school year for which the application is completed. Parents will be notified by mail or email regarding acceptance or non-acceptance.

1. New student applications must be complete and submitted. Click on the box below.

2. If information is withheld, this may be grounds for elimination from consideration or future dismissal.

3. Submission of the front/back copy of the two most recent report cards to the school administrative assistant.

4. If student has attended multiple schools, please submit last report card from each in addition to the two most recent report cards.

5. Submit front/back copy of most current standardized testing (if age appropriate)

Questions: Contact Elisabeth Gustorf at 916-458-5958 ext. 170

Application for Preschool – Eighth Grade