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Welcome to OLA athletics

Here at OLA we want to provide our students with an opportunity to participate in athletics in a fun and positive learning environment. Following the guidelines of the P.A.L (Parochial Athletic League) we are dedicated to fostering Christian and human development. We encourage a positive vision in our young men and women through exercise, example, and athletic competition and fully recognize the dignity of each student in Christ's image.

OLA currently offers:

Boys Flag Football
Girls Volleyball
Co-ed Cross Country

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Little Dribblers

Co-ed Track
Co-ed Golf
Boys Volleyball
Girls Flag Football

Parochial Athletic League (P.A.L.)

The OLA Athletics program runs through the Parochial Athletic League (P.A.L.). Boys and girls league information (team schedules, all sports teams, P.A.L. guidelines, Tournaments, P.A.L. Commission Minutes, and the P.A.L. Calendar of Events) can be found at: